Comfort Balloon Tour (Flight)

1 Hour Flight Time

16 People in Basket

210 € Per Person

Prior to your Cappadocia Balloon Tour (Flight), we collect our passengers from their hotels roughly one hour before sunrise and we bring them to our flight departure area , and serve tea, coffee and snacks, as the passengers meet. Then we go to our take off field designated for one day before . The balloon will be ready and waiting for you.

Following a safety briefing from your pilot for Balloon Tour, we climb into the baskets and take off.

During the Balloon Tour we rise to altitudes of several hundred meters to give you a good view of all that is around, but what we do mostly is drift through the valleys and canyons and around the fairy chimneys, performing contour flying.This is the only area in the world where this sort of balloon tour is possible. The actual Balloon Tour time is 60 minutes. On landing, we have a traditional celebration party with champagne, and we give every passenger a commemorative flight certificate written in their names. Then we bring our guests back to their hotels. The whole excursion takes about 3 hours from pick up to drop off. Therefore if the passengers wish to go on a sightseeing tour during the day, they are back in time to join the tour.

•  We are not eager to accept children younger than 6 for Cappadocia Balloon Tour (Flight), because they have a tendency to get scared or bored once airborne which makes things very uncomfortable for everyone.


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